Monday, August 31, 2015

Vegas To Utah

After almost 8 hours of driving on Friday, we finally made it to our official first stop on our road trip, Circus Circus RV Park. The actual RV Park is pretty much just RV parking lot with hookups but it was all we needed. We were tired and hungry by the time we got there so we set up camp, ate and went to bed with the AC cranked up because it was 100 degrees!

We woke up on Saturday refreshed and ready to see Vegas.  So after breakfast we set out for Circus Circus's famous Midway Carnaval Games and the boys really loved it! They won several stuffed animals and then we saw a live show with a clown and skating act for free, awesome!

Finally we met up with our friends Joe & Amanda who live in Vegas. We saw their beautiful home and enjoyed their gracious hospitality including good company, Greek food and air conditioning (it was 110 degrees outside). They even let our boys play with their Star Wars helmets, so cute!

After a fun filled day in Vegas the boys crashed as soon as we got back to our trailer and Dan & I weren't far behind.

We woke up Sunday and wasted no time packing up to take off on the next leg of our journey. We set out around 9:30 headed towards Utah where we would stop for the night at Wagons West RV Park in Fillmore. It was exciting watching the temperature slowly creep down as the farther north we got. We went through the north-west tip of Arizona and into Utah. I swear, the moment we crossed the Utah state line everything became cleaner and crisper in color. The streets, homes and landscape were immaculate. No graffiti or trash anywhere. Dan and I were impressed.

We discovered on of the benefits of driving our home around today as Daniel (our 4year old) asked to go to bathroom 3 separate times on our 5 1/2 hour drive today. Each time we just pulled off the nearest exit and let him go in our own personal bathroom. It was fast, efficient and kinda fun :)

One of our bathroom stops on the side of the road :)

After a relaxed and easygoing drive, we arrived at our campsite and set up camp. The temperature was a perfect breezy 85 degrees. The campsite was totally small and low-key. If this is what our traveling is going to be like for the next year I'll take it, it's pretty sweet!

Tomorrow we are off to Idaho!

 Pictures from the road:

Look at the sweet faces :)
Daddy was singing and Caiden didn't like it 

Beautiful scenery in Arizona

Landscape in southern Utah

Thursday, August 27, 2015

And We're Off...

Our first night camping in our new home. You can see Dan, Caiden and our friend Katie who came to visit us.

It's been a crazy few weeks but we are FINALLY ready.  My brother flew in from Iowa for 6 days to help my husband Dan put in new flooring for my mom. So of course it had to be 108 degree weather from the day he arrived to the day he left (btw my mom doesn't have air conditioning). It was hard work in extreme heat but somehow they pulled it off and my moms floors look better than they did before the flood, awesome!

We have our 5th wheel now and it's even better than I remember! We decided to take it on a test run at a local campground with full hookups and so far so good. We had all our friends and family come out and see our beautiful new home on wheels and send us off in style :)

We actually leave San Diego tomorrow and are headed for Las Vegas to see our friends Joe & Amanda. It's our first stop on our long journey and I can't imagine a better way to begin out adventure than in the bright lights of Vegas.  We are staying for two nights at Circus Circus RV Park and I know the kids will enjoy that. 

It's been a long time since we started planning and I can hardly believe we are actually ready to leave. It's seems like because we have been so busy and constantly go, go, go...we never had a chance to let it sink in that our dream of traveling is really right now! It just doesn't seem real yet. I'm guessing that after the first couple of weeks our mindset will begin to shift and hopefully we finally relax and take it all in. 

With that, we are off to our next great adventure...

Here are some pictures on our first night in the 5th wheel:
our campsite 
Our bikes (one day we are going to actually ride them lol)
Our living room/kitchen

Striking a pose

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Adventure Awaits...

I keep fantasizing about writing our first post from the road but unfortunately I must wait a little longer.

It's been a couple of weeks since the flooding of my moms house and we expected to be on the road already, but we're not. The anticipation of actually beginning our travels is almost too much to handle. We are so freakin close but there are a couple of things keeping us from our elusive venture:

1.  Our Palomino Columbus 5th wheel is in the shop getting upgrades and repairs. It's being outfitted with new solar panels, batteries, & grey tanks along with the repairing of the awning and apparently mice decided to take up residence in the space under the tanks. They chewed through some of the wiring but thankfully there was no major damage. We don't know exactly when it will be ready but assume it will be about two weeks.

2.  We have to wait until my brother Troy flies in on August 13th to help my husband lay new flooring at my mom's house. We are currently walking on concrete. 

Hopefully the next post will be from the road...