Friday, January 8, 2016

Landlocked For The Holidays

Hello! Hope you all had a Happy Holiday!

We've been celebrating the holidays in Ohio/West Virginia with Dan's family these past two months. Originally, we were planning to be on the road heading towards Savannah, Georgia by the first week in January, but we can't leave until our 5th wheel trailer is repaired.

The first week we were in Ohio, Dan hauled our trailer to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It needed to be assessed by an insurance sponsored mechanic. Then, the insurance had to approve the repairs. Next, the parts had to be ordered. And finally, be repaired.

We are still waiting for the parts to arrive (1-2 weeks from now) and then they can take apart our trailer to begin repairs (which will take another 2 weeks if everything goes well). 
So...we are landlocked.
Can't travel without our trusty rig.

Dan and I are determined to make the best of this situation and are eternally grateful to his sister Holly and brother-in-law Matt for housing our family during this uncertain time. 

For now, here are some pictures of our adventures in the Ohio Valley:

The Turkey!
Daniel & Grandma waiting for Pie!
Daniel on Daddy's shoulders, waiting for the Steubenville, Ohio Christmas Parade
It's 40 degrees, so we are all bundled up

The parade finally arrived. It's a cute small town tradition.
Daniel survived his second trip to the doctors office. He had a runny nose that just wouldn't go away. He's alright now.
One of many beautiful bridges in the Downtown Pittsburgh area. 
Dan and I drove to Pittsburgh for a date
We went to an Irish restaurant called Claddagh where we obviously had to have Irish Car Bombs
Daniel telling Santa what he wants for Christmas
Caiden is crying because he just saw Santa...he's still scared of Santa.
Me, trying to get a picture of the light snow we had and my new red hair!
Dan and I  out (without the boys) at The American Legion Bar.
We are with Dan's sister Holly and her husband Matt.
It's Christmas morning! Daniel has just discovered that Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk.
The first present of the morning
The boys are playing with their Christmas presents. They did pretty well this year.
Dan and I are out on another date thanks to his sister Holly. Dinner and a movie!
To repay Dan's sister for her kindness, he put up shelves where two old windows were looking into the wall of a room addition. They look like they were always there. He is amazing!
Daniel is helping his Uncle Matt drive the bulldozer 
Caiden is not happy about it...
...But Daniel LOVED it!