About Us

We are the Cameron Family. I'm Kelly, my husband is Dan, and my two sons are Daniel (4years old) & Caiden (2years old). Here is a little bit about each of us:

KELLY: I'm currently a stay at home mom but I I used to do administrative work in both Chiropractic  and Non-Profit community. I also spent a few years bartending so I can make a mean Bloody Mary as well as most other drinks (hence the need for said Bloody Mary). I've spent my whole life in the city is San Diego, CA so naturally I love sunshine, reggae and a laid-back atmosphere.

DAN: Is retired from the U.S.Navy after 24 years of service. He spent the first two years out going to college to get an AS in Architecture, then while looking for full time employment he started his own handyman business.  Since he has flipped two houses while he was in the Navy before I met him, he has a lot of knowledge in home repair. He actually is one of those people that can figure out anything.

DANIEL: Our first born son is animated and makes friends easily. He is both picky and stubborn as well as sweet and sensitive. He shares his mother's grace (or lack there of) and trips over his own feet, but he always gets back up again, lol.

CAIDEN: Our youngest son is shy and careful but can also be agressive and driven. He is cautious in new situations and still loves being cuddled by Mommy and Daddy. 

We have a decent life here in Sunny San Diego but we are ready to escape the rat race. After considerable deliberation, we have decided to uproot family and hit the road. We don't know exactly where we'll go or how long we'll be there but we plan to take each day as it comes.
 Hope to see you on the road!