Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back In San Diego

After 9 long months of travel (adventures, mishaps and all), we are finally back where we started...
my beloved San Diego.

I could hardly contain my excitement to see my family and friends. It's so easy to take for them for granted when they have always been there, always at my fingertips. Now that I've had distance and time away from such a precious resource, I am starving to be surrounded by their assured presence of unconditional love and acceptance. 

Anyone who has ever moved away from their home town understands what I'm talking about.


We arrived in San Diego just in time to celebrate Daniel's Birthday. We gathered at my sister Holly's house. It was a lovely reunion. There was food, drinks and warmth that surrounded us like a quilted blanket. Daniel received lots of presents and had a dinosaur/crab cake. It was pretty awesome.

Daniel getting help with one of his presents from MiMi 
Super arm shooter-that won't be any trouble later (yeah right!)
Giant "Voltron" looking Power Ranger toy
The infamous Dinosaur/Crab Birthday Cake!

We decided to stay at the Sweetwater Summit Campground like we did right before leaving San Diego 9 months ago. We picked a secluded spot that overlooked the Bonita canyons and golf courses. 

The boys roasting hot dogs.
Caiden is super focused on that hot dog.

We had an overwhelming response of friends and family come visit us at our site but in my enjoyment, I failed to take ant pictures. Anyway, we spent the next few weeks visiting our friends & family.  Dan and I also actually got to go on a double date with our friends Mike and Denbigh. 

Mike & Denbigh camping overnight.
Mike and Dan trying to figure out how to pay for parking Downtown.

While here in San Diego, we planned to attend an annual midevil event held over Memorial Day weekend. It's one of our guilty nerdy pleasures and we LOVE it! Dan actually built an authentic midevil style yurt about 7 years ago for us to sleep in. I had to sew the boys new midevil garb because the constantly grow out of them. I had like three days to do it, and somehow I managed to pull it off.

The event was crazy awesome! The boys called it a knight festival and spent the whole 5 days playing with other kids and watching the huge battle reenactments. Dan and I enjoyed lazily drinking delicious bloody marys (that I made of course) and wandering around. We connected with friends that we only see at this event as well as our many regular friends that also attend this event. 

All I can say is that life is pretty good when you're sitting around the campfire in midevil garb listening to the rhythmic sounds of drums. I don't care who you are, it's satisfying on a primal level that can be denied by no one. 

My brother and his wife (also one of my very best friends) Kate drove into San Diego from Iowa on the last day. They came straight to this event and we got the privilege of their company for the final night. A perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

Dan Caiden and I with my brother Troy and sister-in-law Kate
Boys and I watching the battle reenactments 
Fighters in the midst of a battle. FYI, most of the guys hand make their armor.
Caiden and Daniel inside our yurt

As always, I wish I took more picture of the fun we had but alas, we were too busy having fun. When we got back we spent the next few days doing laundry, packing up and Dan was able to build two arbors for my mom.

The front arbor 
The back arbor

We had only a couple more days to say our goodbyes to family and friends while stocking up on as much Mexican food as we could get our hands on (it's just superior to anywhere else save Mexico). 

We loved our visit and with tears in our eyes, we said our fair well to San Diego. 
Now off to see the Pacific Northwest!